Kitten Nursery


Kittens are born after 65 days, completely white, deaf and blind.  During the first 3 weeks they are completly reliant on mum to feed them, toilet them and keep them warm. Kittens are always born in the bedroom where mum feels safe.  They will open their eyes and ears during the first 10-14 days.  

The colours slowly develop each day starting with the ears, feet and tail, by the time they are 3 weeks of age it is easy to tell which colour and pattern they will be. Kittens are sexed at birth this is the easiest time to tell. Our kittens are handled daily for weighing, health checks. Gaining around 10g a day each kitten will double their birth weight by their first week.

Kitten Room

At 3 weeks of age the kittens move out of the bedroom and into the kitten playpen. From 4 weeks they are venturing out of the nest and gaining confidence in their surroundings. learning to walk, run and play while getting used to the daily noise and human family who live here. 

They will stay in the kitten playpen untill around 6-8 weeks while they perfect their litter box training. Once they can climb out they are free to explore the house. Enjoying chasing each other around, sleeping upstairs on the beds and still learning lots more from mum and siblings.