Kitten EsseNtials

Bringing your new family member home for the first time can be a little daunting, this handy little guide will help you prepare for your new kitten to arrive. I have listed our favourite recommended items in each section to help you make your perfect choice.


Kittens need feeding little and often. As a guide we recommended dry food be left down 24/7 and 4 split meals of wet food throughout the day. We feed our cats and kittens on a healthy complete diet.
This consists of

  1. Royal Canin Mother and Baby biscuits.
  2. Good Quality wet food  

Feed your kitten as much as they will eact each meal as they are growing and using up a lot of energy.  You can not over feed a kitten. 

We are members of the Royal Canin professional club, which give you free samples and money off voucher. 

Fresh water needs to be provided all the time. Water fountains which filter water are a great and encourage your pet to drink more water daily. 


Kittens love to play, they love to play all of the time. They play with rattle balls, toy mice, crinkle balls, feather wands and teaser toys. 

Cat trees and exercise stations are great for your indoor cat to enable them to climb and scratch their claws. Saving your furniture. 

Tall scratch posts and cardboard scratching boards are well received by your kitten and will they love sharpening their claws on them. 

Litter Boxes

 Your kitten will be used to a variety of litter materials.  Though fine clumping litter is the main staple in our cattery.  

All out kittens will be happily using our litter robot by the time they are ready to collect. They will also be used to using hooded and open trays. 

My recommended products are XL litter boxes of any brand/type. As Ragdoll kittens are larger than most so kitten or small boxes will be unsuitable and could potentially cause avoidance and house soiling.


Kittens love to sleep, in their time with us they are allowed to sleep where ever they like on the beds, sofas etc 

Cats beds stay unused mostly but they do enjoy beds that are high up on top of cat trees, cat barrels or pods. 

It is a good idea to provide a high sleeping area for your cat to reduce stress and give your pet a place to retreat to where they feel safe.